Free Aerobic Activities

Free Aerobic Activities
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Everyday Activities

Many of the things that we do everyday count as some form of aerobic activity. Cleaning the house like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping can be a great way to get moving and burn calories. Gardening also involves a lot of physical activity such as digging, planting, and pulling weeds, which can be a great workout for the whole body.

Here are some examples of everyday activities that make you move.

Free mild to moderate aerobic activities:
Yard work
Playing with kids
Walking up stairs
Putting away groceries
Washing a car

Higher intensity aerobic activities usually require a little more intention. These are all examples that do not require any investment in equipment or gym time. It is important to find the activity that you enjoy and that fits your fitness level. The key is to find an aerobic activity that you can stick to and make a habit of it.

Free higher intensity aerobic activities:
Brisk walking
Jumping Jacks
Running up stairs
Jumping Rope
Running in place
Playing sports

It is important to note that aerobic activities are especially important for cardiovascular health and should be a part of a regular exercise routine.


Training for an activity can be empowering. Learning to do something new, training hard, and coming across the finish line or riding up that big hill can give us a wonderful sense of accomplishment. The process allows us to access places in ourselves that our normal day- to- day comfort zone usually doesn’t touch. Training can be humbling for nearly the same reasons – learning something new and training hard forces us to be beginners again, and as adults this can sometimes be a difficult place to be in.

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