Making healthy choices is the first step to to being a healthier person and living a healthier life. LiveKinetic recognizes that there are many ways to prevent problems that affect your health, and correct information is essential for you to make the proper choices.

The first step to losing weight and being healthier is making healthy choices with your diet and physical activity. Quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking and eating a balanced diet will lower your risk for chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Whether you are monitoring your weight, body fat, blood pressure, or cholesterol – the Health section of LiveKinetic is committed to bringing you accurate, up-to-date information to help you take charge

Taking Charge of your Health

Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer

The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer
Beautifully illustrated and informative guide to the places on Earth where people live the longest—including lessons learned, top longevity foods, and the behaviors to help you live to 100.

Best-selling author and National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner has explored the world extensively in search of the best longevity strategies, which he discovered in the "blue zones"—areas where a greater proportion of people live extraordinarily long, fulfilling lives.

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Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

Staying healthy and independent as we age can be a challenge. Taking care or our mental and physical health is ...
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Managing Your Health

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Healthy Choices

Healthy Diet

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Regular exercise, of course, is one of the best stress-buster of all. But here are some things you can do ...
What is Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic health condition in which the body is unable to properly regulate blood sugar levels due to ...


Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found among the lipids in your bloodstream, and in every cell of your body ...
Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Oxygen and nutrients would not be pushed around the circulatory system to nourish organs without your blood pressure. Your heart ...
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