Despite the stereotype of a weight lifter – muscle-bound, hefting and grunting, big but weak – weight training can be used by everyone, not just those interested in becoming body builders. Paired with regular aerobic exercise, weight training increases your strength and muscle endurance as well as your overall feeling of fitness in ways that no other single exercise can. Bicycling develops one set of muscles, basketball another, but weight training works out a whole range of muscles in a very short amount of time.

Specific weight-training routines can be used to help you develop particular muscle groups that will improve your performance in your chosen sport. True enough, nothing improves your tennis games as much as playing tennis: specificity is the iron rule of modern sports training. Nonetheless, upper-body training will give you an extra edge in tennis, and developing your leg muscles will improve your swimming kick.

Weight Lifting for Older Adults

Weight Training for Older Adults

Incorporating weight training could improve the quality of life for many older adults. Weight training would not only help build ...
Weight Training

Weight Training Tips

A Typical Workout A typical workout with weights includes a warm-up of five to ten minutes followed by an exercise ...
Weight Training

Principles of Weight Training

The basic principle of any sort of muscle development is that of overload: contracting a muscle group against added resistance ...
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