Weight Training Tips

Weight Training Tips
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A Typical Workout

A typical workout with weights includes a warm-up of five to ten minutes followed by an exercise routine that leaves the muscles thoroughly exhausted. Your exact exercise routine should be formulated with an exercise specialist in a gym.

Your personal trainer will tell you just how to position yourself, how to lift so as to prevent strain or injury, which weights or machines to use, and how many repetitions and sets to do. If you continue to work out with a trainer or a friend, he or she will keep your routines interesting, give you emotional support, and help see to it, through proper “spotting” techniques, that you do not injure yourself.

A good exercise routine for overall fitness will work out different parts of the body. It will consist of about a dozen exercises – six for the upper body, six for the lower body. Above all, it will be scheduled so that you give each muscle a full day’s rest before you exercise it again.

Weight Training

If you exercise the same muscle two days in a row, it won’t recuperate; it will become weaker, not stronger. Therefore, you should either exercise different muscles on successive days (upper body on day, lower body the next, for example) or space workouts at least two days apart.

Also, remember to exercise the “large” muscles before the smaller ones. For example, if you are weight training both the upper and lower muscles on the same day, start with the leg muscles.


Training for an activity can be empowering. Learning to do something new, training hard, and coming across the finish line or riding up that big hill can give us a wonderful sense of accomplishment. The process allows us to access places in ourselves that our normal day- to- day comfort zone usually doesn’t touch. Training can be humbling for nearly the same reasons – learning something new and training hard forces us to be beginners again, and as adults this can sometimes be a difficult place to be in.

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