Checking Levels

When should I start checking my cholesterol level?

Men aged 35 and older and women aged 45 and older should have their cholesterol checked periodically. Depending on what your cholesterol level is and what other risk factors for heart disease you have you may need to have it checked more often.

Risk factors for heart disease

Having already had a heart attack
Being a man 45 years of age or older
Having a father or brother who had heart disease before he was 55
Being a woman who is going through menopause or has completed menopause
Having a mother or sister who had heart disease before she was 65
Smoking cigarettes
Having high blood pressure or diabetes
Being very overweight
Being inactive
How can I keep my cholesterol level down?
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How often should i check my cholesterol?
What is the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol?
What should I eat to lower cholesterol?
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  1. I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart attacks. Most are overweight, physically inactive, and eat an unhealthy diet. I think they should all undergo treatment for high cholesterol and have regular cholesterol testing to monitor the effectiveness of their treatments.

  2. My mom died of heart disease when she was 53. I have a brother that died of heart disease when he was 40. Every one in our family is overweight. I have been trying to exercise more and I have adjusted my diet. I am now down to just under 200 lbs. I am hoping that I can break the cycle.

  3. I am 35 and I have been told that I have high HDL. I quite smoking and I am trying to eat more healthy meals. I think that I really need to exercise more.

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